Closing on Nov. 3: Investor Calendar + Company Spotlight

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What is Company Spotlight?

For 23 years, PrecisionIR has been providing investors with Annual Reports for the world's top publicly traded companies. We are now offering more than the annual report: we have aggregated content (video, PowerPoint, Webcasts, and more) for over 30,000 companies and are offering it to you through Company Spotlight . . . for free.

Every company has a profile.

30,000 profiles at your fingertips with company descriptions, logos, and access to the Annual Report. Premium profiles offer video, webcasts, corporate documents and more.

Find companies.

Searching by name or ticker will lead you directly to the company you are looking for. You can also browse by sector, region, or exchange. Throughout the site, our Recommendation Engine will suggest companies you might be interested in.

Inform your investment.

Company Spotlight is chock full of fresh and timely information. Through Company Spotlight you have the ability to cross-reference companies in the same sector, access multimedia content, and even contact companies directly.