Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C.

Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C.

Sector: Unit Investment Trusts, Face-Amount Certificate Offices, and Closed-End Management Investment Offices Region: United Kingdom

SAINTS aims to be a core investment for private investors seeking income. Its objective is to achieve capital and income growth in order to grow the dividend at a faster rate than inflation. The focus of the portfolio is on listed equities, both UK and overseas, but investments are also made in bonds, property and other asset types.

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Scottish American Investment Company - June 2013

Before viewing any video interviews you should read the relevant risk warning page where you can find out more about the risks involved in investing in any of our funds. • Read the investment trust risk warning page here. You should also bear in mind that these video interviews: • should not be considered as advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a particular investment; • contain information on investments which does not constitute independent investment research; • are not subject to the protections afforded to independent research and Baillie Gifford and its staff may have dealt in the investments concerned. Please also remember that investment markets and conditions can change rapidly and as such the views expressed should not be taken as statements of fact nor should reliance be placed on these views when making investment decisions. The Trust invests in overseas securities and changes in the rates of exchange may also cause the value of your investment (and any income it may pay) to go down or up.

Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C. video

Scottish American Investment Company - June 2013


Dominic Neary, Trust Manager
Dominic graduated BA in Mathematics in 1990 and an MSc in Statistics in 1991 both from Oxford University as well as completing a PhD in Statistics at Reading University in 1995. He subsequently spent three years as a post-doctoral research fellow in quantitative genetics before moving to fund management, initially with Stewart Ivory and latterly with Insight Investment where he was responsible for global equity portfolios and for the development, launch and management of the Absolute Insight International Equity Market Neutral funds. Dominic joined Baillie Gifford in early 2009 and worked as an Investment Manager in the Diversified Growth Investment Team. He is Head of the Global Income Team and deputy manager of The Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C. (SAINTS).
Sir Brian G Ivory, CBE, CA, Chairman
Sir Brian joined the Board in 2000 and was appointed Chairman in 2001. He is also the Chairman of the Nomination Committee. He is a director of Remy Cointreau SA, Insight Investment Management Ltd and of Marathon Asset Management (Services) Ltd and is chairman of Retec Digital plc and Arcus European Infrastructure Fund GP LLP. He was formerly chairman of Highland Distillers Plc and of the Trustees of the National Galleries of Scotland and a director of HBOS Plc.
Eric Hagman CBE, CA, Director
Mr Hagman joined the Board in 2005 and became the Chairman of the Audit Committee after the 2009 AGM. He joined Arthur Andersen in 1971 and became the managing partner in Scotland in 1982. He spent the last five years until 2002 in London as a managing partner on the UK Leadership Team. He is a director of British Polythene Industries plc and The Royal College of Art. He was formerly a trustee of the National Galleries of Scotland and a director of Glen Group plc, Scottish Financial Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise.
The Rt Hon Lord Kerr of Kinlochard GCMG, Director
John Kerr, an Independent Member of the House of Lords since 2004, joined the Board in 2002, and became Senior Independent Director after the 2012 AGM. He was Head of the Diplomatic Service (1997 – 2002), having previously served in the Treasury (including as Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer), in the Foreign Office, Moscow and Pakistan, and as Ambassador to the European Union (1990 – 1995) and the United States (1995 – 1997). He has since been Deputy Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell (2005 – 2012), Chairman of Imperial College London (2005 – 2011), and a Trustee of the National Gallery (2002 – 2010). Currently he is Deputy Chairman of Scottish Power, a director of Rio Tinto, Chairman of the Centre for European Reform, and a Trustee of the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.
Peter Moon, Director
Mr Moon joined the Board in 2005. He was chief investment officer of the Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited fund from 1992 until August 2009. He is a director of First Property plc and Arden Partners plc and is a former director of MBNA Europe and is a former Member of the National Association of Pension Funds Investment Committee. Prior to joining Universities Superannuation Scheme, Mr Moon managed investments at the British Airways Pension Fund and the National Provident Institution, which he joined in 1978.

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