Southern Cross Healthcare Group Plc

Southern Cross Healthcare Group Plc

Sector: Residential Care Region: United Kingdom

Southern Cross Healthcare Group Plc operates care homes and provides care services such as nursing, residential and dementia. The company provides an extensive range of healthcare, residential personal services and nursing care services for elderly people with physical frailties and differing forms of dementia. It offers healthcare services through three business segments: Nursing Care Homes, Residential Care Homes and Specialist Care. The Nursing Care Homes segment offers nursing care for a range of clinical needs, such as palliative care, dementia care, and post operative care. The Residential Care Homes segment offers residential care homes, which are designed specially to cater for the needs of those who find difficulty caring for themselves at home. The Southern Cross segment provides care for people with a variety of special needs in both residential and nursing care homes. Southern Cross Healthcare Group was founded on January 10, 2005 is headquartered in Durham, the United Kingdom.

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