Hydrogenics Corp.

Hydrogenics Corp.

Sector: Primary Batteries Dry And Wet Region: Canada

: | Toronto Stock Exchange: HYG | Nasdaq: HYGS

Hydrogenics Corp. provides and develops hydrogen generation and fuel cell products to the industrial and clean energy markets. It is primarily focused on the three divisions: Hydrogen Generation, Power Systems, and Energy Storage. The Hydrogen Generation division offers electrolysis-based hydrogen generation equipment for industrial and fueling applications. The Power Systems division develops fuel cell products for mobile use and backup power. The Energy Storage division offers hydrogen-based energy storage solutions for renewable energy applications both on and off grid as well as grid balancing. The company operates through two segments: OnSite Generation and Power Systems. The OnSite Generation segment engages in providing systems to a diverse number of industrial and utility customers across the globe. The Power Systems segment targets the growing demand for fuel cells used in backup power and mobile fleet applications, such as forklifts and buses. Hydrogenics was founded by Joseph Cargnelli, and Boyd Taylor in 1988 and is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.

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