Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

Sector: Federal And Federally-sponsored Credit Agencies Region: VA, United States

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Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., doing business as Freddie Mac, provides liquidity, stability and affordability to the U.S. housing market primarily by providing credit guarantee for residential mortgages originated by mortgage lenders and investing in mortgage loans and mortgage-related securities. The company conducts business in the U.S. residential mortgage market and the global securities market under the direction of Conservator, FHFA, and under regulatory supervision of FHFA, the SEC, HUD, and Treasury. It operates through three reportable segments include Single-family Guarantee, Investments and Multifamily. The Single-Family Guarantee segment reflects results from the company's single-family credit guarantee activities. In this segment, the company purchases single-family mortgage loans originated by its seller/servicers in the primary mortgage market. The Investments segment reflects results from the company's investment, funding and hedging activities. In this segment, the company invests principally in mortgage assets funded by debt issuances and hedged using derivatives. The Multifamily segment reflects results from the company's investments and guarantee activities in multifamily mortgage loans and securities. Its new purchases of multifamily mortgage loans are primarily made for purposes of aggregation and then securitization, which supports the availability of financing for multifamily properties. Freddie Mac was founded on July 24, 1970 and is headquartered in McLean, VA.

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