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Irish Dairy Sector: The Challenges and the Opportunities (Anne Finnegan)

Anne Finnegan (AIB Agri Strategy Manager) outlines the performance of the Irish dairy sector over the past few years, the outlook for the future, and AIB's role in supporting dairy farmers.

Allied Irish Banks Plc video

Irish Dairy Sector: The Challenges and the Opportunities (Anne Finnegan)

Allied Irish Banks Plc video

AIB Economic Overview March 2012

Allied Irish Banks Plc video

Ireland's Government Takes Control of Allied Irish


David Hodgkinson, Chairman
Mr Hodgkinson was Group Chief Operating Officer for HSBC Holdings plc from May 2006 until his retirement from the company in December 2008. During his career with HSBC, he held a number of senior management positions in the Middle and Far East, and Europe, including as Managing Director of The Saudi British Bank, and CEO of HSBC Bank Middle East. Mr Hodgkinson, who joined HSBC in 1969, has also served as Chairman of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, HSBC Bank A S Turkey, Arabian Gulf Investments (Far East) Limited and HSBC Global Resourcing (UK) Ltd. He was a Director of HSBC Bank Egypt SAE, The Saudi British Bank, Bank of Bermuda Limited, HSBC Trinkaus Burkhardt and British Arab Commercial Bank. Mr Hodgkinson joined the Board as Executive Chairman on 27 October 2010. He has been Chairman of the Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee since January 2011. (Age 60)
David Duffy, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Duffy joined AIB in December 2011 as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Executive Committee. He has held a number of senior roles in the international banking industry including, most recently, the position of Chief Executive Officer at Standard Bank International covering Asia, Latin America, the UK and Europe. He was previously Head of Global Wholesale Banking Network of ING Group and President and Chief Executive Officer of the ING franchises in the US and Latin America. Mr. Duffy was co-opted to the Board on 15 December 2011. (Age 50)
Bernard Byrne, Director of Personal & Business Banking
Mr. Byrne joined AIB in May 2010 as Group Chief Financial Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee. He began his career as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 1988 and joined ESB International as Commercial Director in 1994. In 1998 he took up the post of Finance Director with IWP International Plc before moving to ESB in 2004 where he held the post of Group Finance and Commercial Director until he left to join AIB. Mr. Byrne was co-opted to the Board on 24 June 2011. (Age 43)

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