EpiStem Holdings Plc

EpiStem Holdings Plc

Sector: Medical Laboratories Region: United Kingdom

: | London Stock Exchange: EHP

EpiStem Holdings Plc provides pre-clinical solutions. It is a biotechnology company that is commercializing adult stem cells in the areas of oncology and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as cosmeceutical applications. The company develops innovative therapeutics and diagnostic biomarkers and provides contract research services to drug development companies. It operates in three divisions: Contract Research Services, Biomarkers and Novel Therapies. The Contract Research Services division offers specialized preclinical efficacy testing and clinical sample analysis to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and personal care industries which provides preclinical models in four key therapeutic areas, such as oncology, supportive care, inflammatory bowel disease and dermatology. The Biomarkers division is designed to identify changes in gene expression that result from treatment with an oncology drug. The Novel Therapeutics division discovers the key regulators of adult epithelial stem cells and developing protein therapeutics that control cell production in the areas of oncology, oncology supportive care and epithelial disease. EpiStem Holdings was founded by Chris Potten and Catherine Booth in 2000 and is headquartered in Manchester, the United Kingdom.


David Evans, Non-Executive Chairman
David joined Epistem as a Non-executive Director in June 2005 and became Executive Chairman in March 2006 until the flotation in April 2007, when he reverted to a non-executive position.  David, a qualified accountant, has many years' experience both as an executive and as a non-executive of publicly listed diagnostic and life science companies.  In addition to his chairmanship of Epistem, he is currently Non-executive Chairman of the following AIM listed companies: EKF Diagnostics Plc, Omega Diagnostics Group Plc and Scancell Holdings Plc.
Matthew Walls, Chief Executive Officer
Matthew joined Epistem in February 2007 as Chief Executive Officer. Matthew is an experienced CEO most recently with Oxford BioSignals Limited, where he led the strategic collaboration with Rolls Royce Plc and Covance Inc.  Matthew spent the early part of his career with ICI Plc, progressing through to AstraZeneca Plc prior to its plant crop biotechnology group merger with Novartis to form Syngenta Plc.  Matthew has led the growth of several technology and biotechnology companies as CEO, including Internexus Limited and Zylepsis Limited. Matthew holds a non-executive post at Continum Limited and Riyada Oxford Investments Limited and is a chartered accountant and a member of CIMA.
John Rylands, Financial Director
John originally joined Epistem as an investor and Non-executive director, and in 2005 he took over his current role.  John provided corporate finance advice to private companies before joining Epistem. Until 1999 he was an investor in and consultant to the SDS group of companies.  John holds a degree in Economics and Accountancy from the Manchester University and is a member of ICAEW.
Jeffrey Moore, Ph.D., Managing Director, Novel Therapies
Jeffrey joined Epistem in 2005 in his current role. Prior to joining Epistem he had been at Phylogix, a US biotechnology which he founded in 1998.  Jeffery has held two postdoctoral fellowships, at DNAX Research Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Inc. and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, following which he joined Imclone Systems Inc.  Throughout his career, Jeffrey has kept a strong interest in stem cell regulation and identifying the potential commercial application of these factors.  He holds a Ph.D. from George Washington University.
Catherine Booth, Ph.D., Managing Director, Contract Research Services
Catherine is a co-founder of Epistem and prior to starting Epistem she worked for 10 years with Prof. Chris Potten at the Paterson Institute.  Whilst at the Paterson Institute she developed many preclinical assays.  This knowledge is at the core of the Epistem Contract Research Service.  Catherine received her Ph.D. from the Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge.
Robert Nolan, Non-executive Director
Robert has been a Non-executive Director of the Company since 2004.  He brings with him a wealth of expertise in partnering and licensing negotiations both with small biotechnology and large pharmaceutical companies. Prior to his retirement he was Director, Global Licensing at AstraZeneca.  He is also a non-executive Director of Phico Therapeutics Ltd.
Roger Lloyd, Non-executive Director
Trained as a biochemist, Roger has almost 35 years' experience in the healthcare and biotechnology sector, particularly in the areas of strategic planning and business development.  International business management with ICI Plc and AstraZeneca Plc included living and working in the US and Germany, and having territorial responsibilities for Europe, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the Middle East.  As Executive Director of Global Licensing at AstraZeneca, he personally completed 24 transactions, including strategic alliances with Abgenix and CAT, and acquisitions of KuDOS Pharmaceuticals and CAT.  He operates as a Board Adviser in the biotech sector.

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