Coffee Holding Co., Inc.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc.

Sector: Roasted Coffee Region: NY, United States

: | Nasdaq: JVA

Similar to: Ten Peaks Coffee Co., Inc.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. is an integrated wholesale coffee roaster and dealer in the U.S. Its products are divided into three categories: Wholesale Green Coffee, Private Label Coffee and Branded Coffee. The Wholesale Green Coffee consists of unroasted raw beans imported from around the world and sold to large and small roasters and coffee shop operators. The Private Label Coffee consists of coffee roasted, blended, packaged and sold under the specifications and names of others, including supermarkets that want to have their own brand name on coffee to compete with national brands. The Branded Coffee consists of coffee roasted and blended to the company's own specifications and packaged and sold under its seven proprietary and licensed brand names in different segments of the market. The company's private label and branded coffee products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada to supermarkets, wholesalers, and individually owned and multi-unit retail customers, and its unprocessed green coffee is sold to specialty gourmet roasters. Its coffee brands include Cafe Caribe, S&W, Cafe Supremo, Don Manuel, Fifth Avenue, Via Roma, and IL CLASSICO. Coffee Holding was founded by Sterling A. Gordon in 1971 and is headquartered in Staten Island, NY.

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