Verenium Corp.

Verenium Corp.

Sector: Biological Products Except Diagnostic Substances Region: CA, United States

Similar to: ALLENEX AB, Bebra Biogas Holding AG, NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Verenium Corp. is an industrial biotechnology company. It manufactures and markets enzyme products in the fields of animal health and nutrition, grain processing, oilseed processing, oilfield services and other industrial processes such as pulp and paper and textiles. The company focuses on screening, identification, evolution and expression of enzymes for use industrial processes. Its products include Phyzyme XP, which serves animal health and nutrition markets; Fuelzyme Deltazym GA L-E5, which serves grain processing markets; Xylathin, which serves grain processing markets; Pyrolase, which serves oilseed processing markets; Vereflow, which serves oilfield services markets and Luminase PB-100 and Cottonase, which serves industrial processes markets. The company was founded in December 1992 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

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