Outerwall, Inc.

Outerwall, Inc.

Sector: Automatic Vending Machines Region: WA, United States

: | Nasdaq: OUTR

Outerwall, Inc. is a provider of automated retail solutions, coin counting and other electronic services. The company operates through three business segments: Redbox, Coin and New Ventures. Within the Redbox segment, the company operates approximately 43,700 Redbox kiosks, in 35,800 locations, where consumers can rent or purchase movies and video games and, in select markets, purchase tickets for events. The Redbox kiosks are available in every state, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and are installed primarily at leading grocery stores, mass retailers, drug stores, restaurants and convenience stores including Walgreens, Walmart and McDonalds. The Redbox kiosks supply the functionality of a traditional video rental store, yet typically occupy an area of less than ten square feet. Consumers use a touch screen to select their titles, swipe a valid credit or debit card, and receive their movies or video games. Additionally, at kiosks in select markets and online, consumers can purchase tickets for live events and attractions. Consumers will have the option to print their tickets at home or in some cases, pick them up at the event venue. Within the Coin segment, the company owns and operates approximately 20,300 coin-counting kiosks (approximately 17,300 of which offer a variety of stored value products to consumers) in 20,100 locations, where consumers feed loose change into the kiosks, which count the change and then dispense vouchers or, in some cases, issue stored value products, at the consumer's election. The Coin kiosks are available across the U.S., where they provide a convenient and trouble-free service to retailers such as Kroger and Walmart, and in Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Within the New Ventures segment, the company identifies, evaluates, builds and develops innovative new self-service concepts in the automated retail space through organic growth and external investment. The New Ventures segment consists primarily of its coffee, refurbished electronics and photo self-service concepts. Outerwall was founded by Jens H. Molbak in 1991 and is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

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