Sector: Chemicals And Chemical Preparations Not Elsewhere Classified Region: MN, United States

: | Nasdaq: IKNX

Similar to: Johnson Matthey Plc

IKONICS Corp. develops, manufactures and sells photosensitive liquids and films for the screen printing and awards and recognition industries. It also provides inkjet receptive films, ancillary chemicals and related equipment to its customers. The company has four reportable segments: Domestic, Export, IKONICS Imaging and Other. The Domestic segment sells screen printing film, emulsions, and inkjet receptive film to distributors located in the United States and Canada. The Export segment sells primarily the same products as Domestic and the IKONICS Imaging products not related to Micromachining or DTX. The IKONICS Imaging segment sells photo resistant film, art supplies, glass, metal medium and related abrasive etching equipment to end user customers located in the United States and Canada. The Other segment includes products and customers for etched composites, ceramics, glass and silicon wafers along with sound deadening technology to the aerospace industry, which the company defines as Micromachining. This segment also includes products and customers related to proprietary inkjet technology used for mold texturing and referred by the company as Digital Texturing. The company has five divisions: Chromaline Screen Print Products, Ikonics Imaging PhotoBrasive Systems, Ikonics Digital Texturing, Ikonics Micro-Machining Solutions, Ikonics Custom Inkjet & Substrate and Ikonics International. The Chromaline Screen Print Products division supplies a full line of capillary film, transfer emulsion, screen chemicals and inkjet media for the screen printing industry. The Ikonics Imaging PhotoBrasive Systems division offers everything needed to run a sandcarving business, including photoresist films, sandblasting equipment, substrates and training. The Ikonics Digital Texturing division revolutionizes the process of placing texture patterns into molds, offering greater resolution, improved image stability and lower cost over traditional texture-making methods. The Ikonics Micro-Machining Solutions division offers an imaged sandblast mask for use in composite machining production operations. The Ikonics Custom Inkjet & Substrate division provides contract R&D, coating and manufacturing services for organizations seeking specialized, custom product development. The Ikonics International division conducts business in various countries. The company was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Duluth, MN.

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