Helicos Biosciences Corp.

Helicos Biosciences Corp.

Sector: Commercial Physical And Biological Research Region: MA, United States

Similar to: Cerep SA, Medivir AB, Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.

Helicos BioSciences Corp. is a life sciences company focused on innovative genetic analysis technologies and the monetization of those technologies and related intellectual property. Helicos has developed a proprietary technology to enable the rapid analysis of large volumes of genetic material by directly sequencing single molecules of DNA or RNA. Its tSMS approach analyzes individual molecules of DNA directly instead of analyzing a large number of copies of the molecule which must be produced through complex sample preparation techniques. The Company's Helicos Genetic Analysis Platform is designed to obtain sequencing information by repetitively performing a cycle of biochemical reactions on individual DNA or RNA molecules and imaging the results after each cycle. The platform consists of an instrument called the HeliScope Single Molecule Sequencer, an image analysis computer tower called the HeliScope Analysis Engine, associated reagents, which are chemicals used in the sequencing process and disposable supplies. The information generated from using tSMS products lead to improved drug therapies, personalized medical treatments and more accurate diagnostics for cancer and other diseases. The company was founded by Stanley N. Lapidus, Stephen D. Quake and Noubar B. Afeyan on May 9, 2003 and is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

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