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MGP Ingredients, Inc.

MGP Ingredients, Inc.

Sector: Food Preparations Not Elsewhere Classified Region: KS, United States

Similar to: Darling Ingredients Inc., Valsoia SpA, Enervit SpA

MGP Ingredients, Inc. produces ingredients and distillery products. Ingredients primarily consist of specialty wheat proteins and starches for food and non-food applications. The production of distillery products principally focuses on food grade alcohol. The company also produces fuel grade alcohol, commonly known as ethanol, and distillers feed as co-products of its manufacturing processes. The company's food grade alcohol is produced for beverage and industrial applications. The company's beverage alcohol consists primarily of vodka and gin and is sold in bulk form. Food grade industrial alcohol is sold for use in multiple applications, including vinegar, perfumes, pharmaceutical products, household cleaning solutions, mouthwashes, oral antiseptics, insecticides and fungicides. It processes protein, starch and alcohol products. The company operates three segments: ingredient solutions, distillery products and other. Ingredient solutions consist of specialty starches and proteins, commodity starch and vital wheat gluten. The distillery products segment consists of food grade alcohol, along with fuel grade alcohol, and distillers feed, which are co-products of company's distillery operations. The other segment products are comprised of resins and plant-based polymers and composites manufactured through the further processing of certain proteins and starches and wood. The company was founded in 1941 and is headquartered in Atchison, KS.

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