Hastings Entertainment, Inc.

Hastings Entertainment, Inc.

Sector: Video Tape Rental Region: TX, United States

Hastings Entertainment, Inc. is a multimedia entertainment retailer. It operates entertainment superstores that buy, sell, trade and rent various home entertainment products, including books, music, software, periodicals, movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, video games, video game consoles and consumer electronics. The company also offers consumables and trends products, such as apparel, t-shirts, action figures, posters, greeting cards and seasonal merchandise. It operates three concept stores: Sun Adventure Sports, located in Amarillo, Texas and Lubbock, Texas and TRADESMART, located in Littleton, Colorado. The company operates through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hastings Internet, Inc., which provides multimedia entertainment e-commerce web site offering a broad selection of books, software, video games, movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, music, trends, comics, sports & recreation and electronics. Hastings Entertainment was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Amarillo, TX.

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