watch Group, Inc. Group, Inc.

Sector: Security Brokers Dealers And Flotation Companies Region: NY, United States

Similar to: Close Brothers Group Plc, Investec Plc, Share Plc Group, Inc. operates through its indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary, Inc. The company operates an electronic trading platform under the name BondsPRO. This platform offers large institutional investors an alternative trading system to trade odd-lot fixed-income securities. It provides fixed income trading platform that allows traders to access liquidity and improve prices in the highly-fragmented, inefficient fixed income markets. The company also offers live, executable bids and offers in corporate, agencies, municipals, U.S. treasuries, CDs, mortgage backed securities, emerging market debt and structured products and brokerage and investment advisory services. It also provides news, financial, and other content services to assist the clients in their investment decisions and offers general market information. The company was founded on October 18, 2005 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

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