Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (New York)

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (New York)

Sector: Venture Capital/Private Equity Region: NY, United States

: | Nasdaq: TINY

Similar to: Tortoise Capital Resources Corp., Graphite Enterprise Trust Plc, Standard Life European Private Equity Trust Plc

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. a business development company, makes venture capital investments in science-enabled companies, particularly those that are commercializing or integrating products enabled by nanotechnology or microsystems. The fund focuses on companies operating in the fields of interdisciplinary life science companies such as electronics, physics, materials science, chemistry, information technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as industries that seek to address global problems related to resource constraints. It makes co-investments and provides financing for public and private companies in the form of equity, equity-related securities & debt with equity features and makes follow on investments. It takes a seat on the board of directors.

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