Camden National Corp. (Maine)

Camden National Corp. (Maine)

Sector: Offices Of Bank Holding Companies Region: ME, United States

: | Nasdaq: CAC

Similar to: Huntington Bancshares, Inc.

Camden National Corp. (Maine) operates as a bank holding company for Camden National Bank. The primary business of the company and its subsidiaries is to collect deposits from, and to extend loans to, consumer, institutional, municipal, non-profit and commercial customers. It makes its commercial and consumer banking products and services available directly and indirectly through its subsidiary, Camden National Bank, and its brokerage and insurance services through Camden Financial Consultants, a division of the Bank. The company also offers investment management and fiduciary services through its subsidiary, Acadia Trust, N.A. In addition to serving as a holding company, it provides managerial, operational, human resource, marketing, financial management, risk management and technology services to its subsidiaries. The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Camden, ME.

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