Akorn, Inc.

Akorn, Inc.

Sector: Pharmaceutical Preparations Region: IL, United States

: | Nasdaq: AKRX

Similar to: United-Guardian, Inc., Cephalon, Inc., Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group, Inc.

Akorn, Inc. manufactures and markets a full line of diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmic pharmaceuticals as well as niche hospital drugs and injectable pharmaceuticals. In addition, it markets and distributes vaccines purchased from outside sources. The company customers include physicians, optometrists, hospitals, wholesalers, group purchasing organizations, retail pharmacy chains and other pharmaceutical companies. It operates through three segments: Ophthalmic, Hospital Drugs & Injectables and Contract Services. The Ophthalmic segment market a full line of diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmic pharmaceutical products. The diagnostic products, primarily used in the office setting include mydriatics and cycloplegics, anesthetics, topical stains, gonioscopic solutions, angiography dyes and others. The therapeutic products, sold primarily to wholesalers, chain drug stores and other national account customers include antibiotics, steroids, steroid combinations, glaucoma medications, decongestants/antihistamines and anti-edema medications. The non-pharmaceutical products include various artificial tear solutions, preservative-free lubricating ointments and eyelid cleansers. The Hospital Drugs & Injectables segment markets a line of niche hospital drug and injectable pharmaceutical products, including antidotes, anti-infectives, controlled substances for pain management and anesthesia, and other selected pharmaceutical products. These products are predominately sold to hospitals through the wholesale distribution channel. The Contract Services segment manufactures ophthalmic and injectable pharmaceutical products for third party pharmaceutical customers based on their specifications. The company was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Lake Forest, IL.

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