Bovie Medical Corp.

Bovie Medical Corp.

Sector: Surgical And Medical Instruments And Apparatus Region: FL, United States


Similar to: Sectra AB, Elos AB, Geratherm Medical AG

Bovie Medical Corp. manufactures and markets a variety of electrosurgical medical products as well as developing related technologies and products. It sell a broad range of products designed for doctor's offices, surgery centers and hospitals. The company offers three categories of products: Electrosurgery, Cauteries and Other products. The Electrosurgery products comprises desiccators, generators, electrodes, electrosurgical pencils and various ancillary disposables. The Cauteries products consists of battery operated cauteries, which currently using for sculpting woven grafts in bypass surgery, vasectomies, evacuation of subungual hematoma bleeding from a smashed fingernail and for arresting bleeding in many types of surgery. The Other products classified into two types, such as Battery Operated Medical Lights and Nerve Locator Stimulator. The Battery Operated Medical Lights manufactures a variety of lighting instruments for use in ophthalmology as well as lighting instruments for general surgery, hip replacement surgery and for the placement of endotracheal tubes in emergency and surgical procedures. The Nerve Locator Stimulator primarily used for identifying motor nerves in hand and facial reconstructive surgery. The company was founded by Andrew Makrides in 1978 and is headquartered in Clearwater, FL.

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