Alliance Holdings GP LP

Alliance Holdings GP LP

Sector: Bituminous Coal And Lignite Surface Mining Region: OK, United States

: | Nasdaq: AHGP

Alliance Holdings GP LP is a limited partnership company formed to own and control Alliance Resource Management GP LLC, the managing general partner of Alliance Resource Partners, L.P., which is engaged in the production and marketing of coal to major United States utilities and industrial users. The company operates its business through five segments: Illinois Basin, Central Appalachia, Northern Appalachia, White Oak and Other and Corporate. The Illinois Basin segment comprises of Webster County Coal's Dotiki mining complex, Gibson mining complex, which includes the Gibson North mine and the Gibson South project, Hopkins County Coal's Elk Creek mining complex, White County Coal's Pattiki mining complex, Warrior's mining complex, River View's mining complex, the Sebree property and certain properties of Alliance Resource Properties and ARP Sebree LLC. The Central Appalachian segment comprises of Pontiki's and MC Mining's mining complexes. The Northern Appalachian segment of comprises Mettiki mining complex, Mettiki (WV)'s Mountain View mining complex, the Tunnel Ridge mine and the Penn Ridge property. The White Oak segment comprises of Alliance WOR Properties, LLC and WOR Processing. The Other and Corporate segment includes marketing and administrative expenses, Matrix Group, the Mt. Vernon dock activities, coal brokerage activity, its equity investment in MAC and certain properties of Alliance Resource Properties. Alliance Holdings was founded in November 2005 and is headquartered in Tulsa, OK.

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