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BlackRock Income Trust, Inc. (BKT)

BlackRock Income Trust, Inc. (BKT)

Sector: Unit Investment Trusts, Face-Amount Certificate Offices, and Closed-End Management Investment Offices Region: United States

: | New York Stock Exchange: BKT

Similar to: Insight Select Income Fund, Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportunity Fund, John Hancock Hedged Equity & Income Fund

BlackRock Income Trust, Inc.’s (BKT) (the 'Trust') investment objective is to manage a portfolio of high-quality securities to achieve both preservation of capital and high monthly income. The Trust seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 65% of its assets in mortgage-backed securities. The Trust invests at least 80% of its assets in securities that are (i) issued or guaranteed by the US government or one of its agencies or instrumentalities or (ii) rated at the time of investment either AAA by S&P or Aaa by Moody’s. The Trust may invest directly in such securities or synthetically through the use of derivatives.

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