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Planet Payment NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony

Planet Payment, Inc. video

Planet Payment NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony

Planet Payment, Inc. video

Meet Tommy Siu Man Chau Planet Payment

Planet Payment, Inc. video

Pay In Your Currency


Philip Beck, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Philip Beck founded the Company in 1999, having previously practiced for almost 20 years as an international banking and corporate lawyer working with a range of businesses, from start-ups to multi-national corporate. As a partner in New York law firms, he also represented a number of international banking institutions. Mr. Beck, recognized as an international payments industry expert, has steered the Company since its entrepreneurial inception to its current operational focus providing innovative multi-currency payment processing solutions in multiple regions to more than 45 acquiring banks and processors. Mr. Beck graduated from London University’s Queen Mary College with a degree in law.
Graham Arad, Director, SVP and General Counsel
Graham Arad is an experienced international lawyer, practicing principally in the area of corporate and commercial law. Mr. Arad has served as Planet Payment’s General Counsel since its founding, supervising the legal aspects of the Company’s business, which now encompasses operations in more than 15 countries. Mr. Arad was admitted as an English Solicitor in 1983 and has been practicing as an attorney in New York since 1991 and in the British Virgin Islands since 1995. Mr. Arad was a partner in law firms in London, New York and the British Virgin Islands for over 20 years in total and obtained his law degree from the London School of Economics.
Cameron McColl, Non Executive Director
Cameron McColl has significant experience in setting up and developing new companies. An electronics engineer by training, Mr. McColl has worked for a number of firms in the technology sector. Mr. McColl serves as Chairman of the Company's Audit and Remuneration Committees
Lady Judge, Non Executive Director
Lady Judge is currently Chairman of the Pension Protection Fund. Previously, she was Chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and prior thereto was a lawyer in New York and Commissioner of the US Securities & Exchange Commission – the youngest person to be appointed to the position. Lady Judge also serves on the Company’s Remuneration Committee.
Jon Kaiden, Non Executive Director
Jon Kaiden has more than 20 years of private equity and investment banking experience, with a strong focus on healthcare and information technology. He currently serves as President and Managing Director of Sopris Capital Associates. Mr. Kaiden serves on the Company's Audit and Remuneration Committees.
Shane Kim, Non Executive Director
Shane Kim is a Managing Member of Camden Partners, where he focuses on investments in the Business Services and Healthcare sectors. He serves on the board of Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc. and was a director or observer of New Horizons Worldwide, Inc., Vantage Oncology, Inc., CardSystems Solutions, Inc. and COHR, Inc. Mr. Kim also served on the MBA Advisory Council for the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. Mr. Kim graduated from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business, with a B.S. degree in Finance.

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