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Insight Select Income Fund

Insight Select Income Fund

Sector: Unit Investment Trusts, Face-Amount Certificate Offices, and Closed-End Management Investment Offices Region: NY, United States

: | New York Stock Exchange: CSI

Cutwater Select Income Fund is a diversified, closed-end investment management company organized as a Delaware statutory trust and was formed on June 7, 1971. The Fund is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and trades under the ticker symbol CSI.

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Corso Says Cutwater Likes State General Obligation Bonds

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Corso Says Cutwater Likes State General Obligation Bonds


Clifford D. Corso, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Corso joined the firm in 1994, establishing the company's asset management platform and building it into one of the largest fixed income managers in the world. With a staff of 120 people, Mr. Corso now oversees the investment of $32 billion in assets as of June 30, 2012 and directs the investment strategies of Cutwater's clients, including pension funds, global banks, corporations, Taft Hartley and insurance companies as well as hundreds of municipalities across the United States. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Corso served as co-head of a fixed income division at Alliance Capital Management. In his twenty seven-year career, he has held positions as a credit analyst, restructuring specialist, trader and portfolio manager. He has managed a wide range of fixed income products, including corporate, asset-backed, government, mortgage, municipal, credit default swap and derivative securities. He has developed several unique conduit businesses including East-Fleet, a London based vehicle serving several global banks. He was also an early pioneer in the credit derivatives market, developing several investment programs starting in 2000, and expanding this area to create the MINTS funds, one of the most successful CDS funds ever created with over $1.6 billion in notional value under management. Mr. Corso began his career in banking positions as an analyst, lender and trader, and has led several notable and large debt restructurings. His analytical skills combine mathematics, game theory, economics, psychology and investment theory. Mr. Corso graduated from Yale University with a degree in economics and earned an MBA from Columbia University. He has lectured on topics from leadership to finance at many academic institutions, including Columbia University and New York University, where he taught a course on financial derivatives.
E. Gerard Berrigan, Managing Director, Portfolio Management
Mr. Berrigan joined the firm in 1994 and is a managing director and portfolio manager. He oversees all aspects of portfolio management and trading globally, and has specific analytical responsibility for the management of structured investments across all managed portfolios. Mr. Berrigan has more than 22 years of experience in securities trading and portfolio management. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Berrigan worked at First Boston Corp. developing and implementing investment strategies for the firm's public finance clients. He subsequently worked at the Federal National Mortgage Association as a member of the Portfolio Management and Treasury Groups where he developed and applied expertise in asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities and in portfolio hedging. He has a bachelor's degree from Bucknell University and a master's degree from Columbia University. He holds Series 7 and 63 licenses from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
Chris Moros, CFA Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Moros joined the firm in 1996. He is Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer responsible for Liability Driven Investing, information technology, client services, and central risk analytics. Mr. Moros is a member of the Cutwater's Capital Allocation Committee and Asset Valuation Committees. In his prior role, Mr. Moros was responsible for the debt issuance and risk management of a $30 billion on-balance sheet Asset/Liability management business. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Moros spent 10 years at Metropolitan Life in positions of increasing responsibility focused on asset/liability management, investment strategy development and relationship marketing for MetLife's general account investment portfolio and separate account guaranteed investment contract (GIC) business. Mr. Moros has a bachelor's degree from Hunter College CUNY and a master's degree from Baruch College CUNY. He also holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) through the CFA Institute.
Joseph Sevely, Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Sevely joined Cutwater Asset Management's parent company in 1999 and became Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Cutwater in 2010. He is responsible for Treasury, Accounting, Financial Control, Financial Planning and Analysis, Risk and Quantitative Strategies and Legal. Mr. Sevely is a member of Cutwater's Capital Allocation Committee and Asset Valuation Committee. In his prior roles, he was Head of Market Risk Management and Corporate Treasurer. He has over 25 years of experience in both financial management and new business initiatives and has an extensive background in capital markets, derivatives, liquidity management and market risk. Earlier in his career, Mr. Sevely held positions of increasing responsibility at major Wall Street firms. He served as Controller of Merrill Lynch's Global Sales and Trading Division and he also led teams responsible for derivative and structured finance product development and client marketing at Bankers Trust. Mr. Sevely has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.

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