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Canon 60D VS Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition for Slo Motion

Comparing the Canon 60D DSLR camera at 60 frames per second to the new Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition at 60 frames per second. The new gopro will do 120 frames per second at 720HD which is pretty sweet.

Canon, Inc. video

Canon 60D VS Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition for Slo Motion

Canon, Inc. video

Canon 60D V's GoPro: Corporate Video

Canon, Inc. video

Canon-Hollywood-Event: Mitarai und Scorcese


Fujio Mitarai, Chairman & CEO
Mr. Fujio Mitarai has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canon Inc., since March 31, 2006 and September 1995 respectively. Mr. Mitarai served as Corporate Auditor of Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. Mr. Mitarai joined Canon Inc. in April 1961 and served as its President since September 1995 to May 23, 2006. Mr. Mitarai served as the President of canon U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. since January 1979, and served as Canon Inc.'s Managing Director since March 1985, and served as In charge of HQ Administration since January 1989, and served as senior managing Director since March 1989, and served as Executive Vice President since March 1993. He serves as the Chairman of Nippon Keidanren. He has been a Director of Canon Inc., since March 1981.
Toshizo Tanaka, Executive Vice President & CFO
Toshiaki Ikoma, Executive Vice President & CTO

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