FuelCell Energy, Inc.

FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Sector: Storage Batteries Region: CT, United States

: | Nasdaq: FCEL

Direct FuelCell® power plants are generating ultra-clean, efficient and reliable power on three continents, affordably providing continuous distributed power generation to a variety of industries including utilities, commercial and municipal customers. The Company’s power plants have generated billions of kilowatt hours of ultra-clean power using a wide variety of fuels including renewable biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing, as well as clean natural gas. For additional information, please visit and follow us on Twitter.

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Constructing the World's Largest Fuel Cell Park

FuelCell Energy, Inc. video

Constructing the World's Largest Fuel Cell Park

FuelCell Energy, Inc. video

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FuelCell Energy, Inc. video

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FuelCell Energy, Inc. video

Environmentally friendly distributed power generation

FuelCell Energy, Inc. video

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Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer
President and Chief Executive Officer of FuelCell Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FCEL), Mr. Bottone is helping to transform the global power industry with megawatt-class stationary fuel cell power plants that deliver on-site power cleanly and affordably. Mr. Bottone joined FuelCell Energy in 2010 to accelerate the adoption of the Company’s power generation solutions and was promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Mr. Bottone also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH in Germany, the European business platform for stationary fuel cell power plants. Mr. Bottone has broad experience in the power generation industry including traditional central generation and alternative energy. Prior to joining FuelCell Energy.

Mr. Bottone spent 25 years at Ingersoll Rand, a diversified global industrial company, including President of the Energy Systems business, operational roles in Europe and Asia, as well as mergers & acquisitions. Mr. Bottone began his career as an engineer with the Southern Company.

Mr. Bottone earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1983, and earned a Certificate of Professional Development from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 2004.
Michael Bishop, Senior Vice President, CFO, Treasurer & Corporate Secretary
Mr. Bishop has held a succession of financial leadership roles within the Company and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2011. He joined the Company in 2003 as Assistant Controller, was promoted to Corporate Controller in 2004 and Vice President and Controller in 2007. Prior to joining FuelCell Energy, Inc., Mr. Bishop held finance and accounting positions at Transwitch, Corporation, Cyberian Outpost, Inc. and United Technologies, Inc. He is a certified public accountant and began his professional career at McGladrey and Pullen, LLP. Mr. Bishop received a B.S. in Accounting from Boston University in 1993 and an MBA from the University of Connecticut in 1999.
Anthony ('Tony') F. Rauseo, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Rauseo was appointed to Chief Operating Officer in July, 2010. In this position, Mr. Rauseo has responsibility for closely integrating the manufacturing operations with the supply chain, product development and quality initiatives. Mr. Rauseo joined the Company in 2005 as Vice President of Engineering and Chief Engineer. Through his leadership, FCE has accomplished significant year-over-year product cost reductions, significantly improved product operational reliability and shortened product development cycle-time. Prior to joining Fuel Cell Energy, Mr. Rauseo held a variety of key management positions in manufacturing, quality and engineering including five years with CiDRA Corporation where he led the ramp-up of high volume telecom product manufacturing. Prior to joining CiDRA, Mr. Rauseo was with Pratt and Whitney for 17 years where he held various leadership positions in product development, production and customer support of aircraft turbines. Mr. Rauseo received a Bachelor Science Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University in 1983 and received a Masters Science Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1987.

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