Gladstone Capital Corp.

Gladstone Capital Corp.

Sector: Venture Capital/Private Equity Region: VA, United States

: | Nasdaq: GLAD | Nasdaq: GLADO | Nasdaq: GLAD

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Gladstone Capital Corp., a business development company, invests in US small and medium sized companies with positive cash flows, strong competitive position in an industry, liquidation value of assets and experienced management. The fund targets companies operating in the fields of electronics, healthcare, education & childcare, mining, steel, iron & non-precious metals, broadcast & entertainment, retail, aerospace & defense, oil & gas, printing & publishing, automobile, textiles & leather, personal & non-durable consumer products, machinery, beverage, food & tobacco, diversified/conglomerate manufacturing, buildings & real estate, leisure, amusement, motion, pictures & entertainment, home & office furnishing, house wares & durable consumer goods, telecommunications, diversified/conglomerate services, diversified natural resources, precious metals and minerals. It makes debt investments with a size of $5 - $30 million and also makes equity investments in the form of common equity, preferred equity and warrants. It considers co-investments.

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