BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund, Inc. (DSU)

BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund, Inc. (DSU)

Sector: Unit Investment Trusts, Face-Amount Certificate Offices, and Closed-End Management Investment Offices Region: United States

: | New York Stock Exchange: DSU

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BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund, Inc.’s (DSU) (the 'Fund') primary investment objective is to provide current income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of US companies’ debt instruments, including corporate loans, which are rated in the lower rating categories of the established rating services (BBB or lower by S&P’s or Baa or lower by Moody’s) or unrated debt instruments, which are in the judgment of the investment adviser of equivalent quality. The Fund’s secondary objective is to provide capital appreciation. Corporate loans include senior and subordinated corporate loans, both secured and unsecured. The Fund may invest directly in such securities or synthetically through the use of derivatives.

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