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Shraysi Tandon Covers The World's First Tobacco-Logo Ban

April 5, 2012 -- Complaints are rising over an Australian law that prohibits the display of tobacco companies' logos, labels and trademarks. As of Dec. 1, cigarettes in the country will have to be sold in dark brown packets, with no symbols or images and the same font for all brands. Honduras complained at the World Trade Organization saying the ban violates global rules on intellectual property. Philip Morris International Inc., Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, British American Tobacco Plc and Japan Tobacco Inc. are also challenging the law and will present their arguments against it in Canberra beginning April 17. Bloomberg Television's Shraysi Tandon reports from Sydney.

Imperial Tobacco Group Plc video

Shraysi Tandon Covers The World's First Tobacco-Logo Ban

Imperial Tobacco Group Plc video

Imperial Tobacco half-year 2013 results

Imperial Tobacco Group Plc video

Imperial Tobacco's Cooper Says EU Pricing Is `Strong'


Alison Cooper, Chief Executive Officer
Appointed Chief Executive in May 2010. Skills and experience
Alison has held a number of senior roles in the Group including Director of Finance and Planning, Regional Director Western Europe, Corporate Development Director and Chief Operating Officer. Previously she was with PricewaterhouseCoopers where she had worked with Imperial Tobacco for several years in a number of areas, including acquisitions. External appointments
Non-Executive Director, Inchcape plc since July 2009.
Robert Dyrbus, Finance Director
Appointed Finance Director on demerger in 1996. Skills and experience
Robert was Finance Director of Imperial Tobacco Limited from November 1989 and one of the three-man Hanson team involved in the strategic reorganisation of the Group. Since then he has played an integral part in shaping the strategic direction of the Group. External appointments
No external Director appointments.
Matthew Phillips, Corporate Affairs Director
Appointed Corporate Affairs Director, June 2012. Skills and experience
Matthew joined Imperial Tobacco's legal department in 2000 having previously worked for law firms Linklaters and Burges Salmon. He was appointed Company Secretary in 2004 and General Counsel in November 2007. Subsequently he was appointed Group Corporate and Legal Affairs Director in 2010 before joining the Board as Corporate Affairs Director in 2012.

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