Wilshire Bancorp, Inc.

Wilshire Bancorp, Inc.

Sector: State Commercial Banks Region: CA, United States

: | Nasdaq: WIBC

Wilshire Bancorp Inc. is the holding company of Wilshire State Bank a California state-chartered bank which commenced operations in 1980 with a mission to serve an overlooked multi-ethnic small business community. Our unwavering dedication to offering high quality financial services to this community has been our continuing source of strength. As we look toward development beyond our home region, we will continue to rely on that same philosophy of service to our nation's growing, yet underserved small businesses and multi-ethnic communities. There is another vital reason for our strong showing over many successive years. Since a bank can only be as good as its people, we must acknowledge the dedication and abilities of our employees, a key factor behind our growth and ongoing success. They are a hardworking, competent group that continually demonstrates their commitment and pride in the Bank's philosophy of service to its communities.

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