Roche Holding AG

Roche Holding AG

Sector: Pharmaceutical Preparations Region: Switzerland

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Roche Holding AG is a holding company, which manufactures, develops, and markets diagnostic and therapeutic products. The company focuses on pharmaceutical products and services for the early detection, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. It offers in-vitro diagnostics and drugs for cancer, transplantation, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, virology, metabolic disorders and diseases of the central nervous system. The company operates through the following segments: Roche Diagnostics and Roche Pharmaceuticals. The Roche Diagnostics segment offers blood glucose meters for people with diabetes; point-of-care testing devices for use in doctor's offices; high-throughput analyzers for hospitals and commercial diagnostic laboratories; and instruments and reagents for life science research. Its business areas include Roche Professional Diagnostics, which provides integrated cobas branded solutions for blood serum testing in commercial and hospital labs, medical centers, and laboratory networks and supports clinical products decision making in indication fields, including oncology, virology, cardiovascular, inflammatory and infectious diseases; Roche Diabetes Care that integrates glucose monitoring and data management with insulin delivery and helps people with diabetes live healthy, productive lives and to make managing diabetes easier; Roche Molecular Diagnostics, which develops and manufactures tests based on polymerase chain reaction technology; Roche Applied Science that supplies instruments and reagents and test kits for use in the life science research market and industrial applications; and Roche Tissue Diagnostics, which manufactures instruments and reagents that automate tissue processing and slide staining for cancer diagnostics. The Roche Pharmaceuticals offers various products, including ACTEMRA, which is an interleukin-6 receptor-inhibiting monoclonal antibody developed for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; Bactrim used in the treatment of infections; CellCept, which is used in the prevention of organ rejection in patients receiving kidney, heart, and liver transplants; Dilatrend used for the treatment of hypertension and chronic heart failure; Fuzeon, offers antiretroviral medicinal products for the treatment of HIV infected patients; Lariam used in the prevention and treatment of malaria; MIRCERA, which is used to treat patients with symptomatic anemia associated with chronic kidney disease; Pegasys used in the treatment of patients with viral hepatitis; Valium, which is used in the treatment of anxiety disorders; and Zelboraf, which is an oral, small molecule, kinase inhibitor indicated for the treatment of patients with inoperable and metastatic melanoma. Roche Holding was founded by Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche on October 1, 1896 and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.


Dr. Severin Schwan, Chief Executive Officer Roche Group
Nationality: Austrian Year of Birth: 1967 Studies: Economics at University of Innsbruck, University of York and University of Oxford Law at University of Innsbruck Doctorate in Law at University of Innsbruck Professional Career: 1993 - 1995: Trainee at Corporate Finance, Roche Basel 1995 - 1998: Head Finance & Administration, Roche Brussels 1998 - 2000: Head Finance & Informatics at Roche Grenzach, Germany and Member of the Executive Board of Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH 2000 - 2004: Head Global Finance & Services, Roche Diagnostics, Basel 2004 - 2006: Head Region Asia Pacific, Roche Diagnostics Singapore 2006 - 2008: Chief Executive Officer Division Roche Diagnostics since 2008: Chief Executive Officer Roche Group
Daniel O'Day, Chief Operating Officer Pharmaceuticals
Professional Career: 1987-95 Roche Pharma, USA Various commercial/sales roles 1995 Roche Pharma, USA Director Human Resources 1996 Roche Pharma, USA Director Product Marketing 1998 Roche Pharma HQ, Switzerland Head Business Unit, Arthritis and Respiratory 1999 Roche Pharma HQ, Switzerland Lifecycle Leader Tamiflu 2001 Roche Pharma, Japan Head Corporate Planning, Tokyo 2003 Roche Pharma, Denmark General Manager 2006 Roche Molecular Diagnostics (RMD), Pleasanton, USA President & CEO 2010 Roche Diagnostics Division, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Roche Corporate Executive Committee 2012 Roche Pharmaceuticals Division, COO and Member of the Roche Corporate Executive Committee
Roland Diggelmann, Chief Operating Officer Diagnostics
Professional Career: 1995 AlloPro AG, Switzerland Manager Strategic Planning, 1997 Sulzer Orthopedics Ltd, Switzerland Director Strategic Planning & Marketing 1999 Sulzer Orthopedics Ltd, Switzerland Executive VP Strategic Planning & Marketing 2001 Sulzer Orthopedics Ltd, Switzerland Executive VP Sales Asia Pacific 2002 Sulzer Medica/Centerpulse Ltd, Switzerland Executive VP Sales Europe and Asia Pacific 2004 Zimmer GmbH, Japan Managing Director 2006 Zimmer GmbH, Switzerland Senior VP Sales / Distribution EMEA and Managing Director 2008 Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific, Singapore Head Region Asia Pacific 2012 Roche Diagnostics Division, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Roche Corporate Executive Committee
Dr. Alan Hippe, Chief Financial and IT Officer
Professional Career: 1993-1996 University of Mainz, Research Assistant University of Mannheim, Teaching Assistant 1996 AVECO Holding AG, Head of group controlling and IT systems 1998 Fraport AG, Senior vice president controlling, Finance and accounting 2002 Continental AG, Chief financial officer, Member of the executive board 2005 Continental Tire of North America, President 2008 Continental group, Vice chairman of the executive board Head of the global car tire business Head of Conti Rubber 2009 ThyssenKrupp AG, Member of the Executive Board ThyssenKrupp Business Services
Silvia Ayyoubi, Head of Human Resources
Professional Career: 1974 Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt, Jordan 1986 Effifreight, Basel 1987 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel Public Relations Assistant, Pharma Communications 1989 Public Relations and Issue Manager 1991 Corporate Human Resources, Head of Executive Resource Planning Pharma 1996 Corporate Human Resources, Head of Executive Development 2001 Diagnostics Division, Head of Global Human Resources 2008 Head of Human Resources, Member of the Corporate Executive Committee
Dr. Gottlieb A. Keller, General Counsel
Professional Career: 1984 Corporate Law Department of the Roche Group 1989 Head of Business Development and Pharma Marketing Services Roche Grenzach, Germany 1992 Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roche Holding Ltd 1996 Head of Human Resources Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Germany 1998 Speaker of the Management Board, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Germany 1999 Chairman of the Executive Board of Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH 1999 Secretary to the Board of Directors of Roche Holding Ltd and Corporate Compliance Officer of the Roche Group 2003 Member of the Corporate Executive Committee of the Roche Group Head of Corporate Human Resources and Pharma Site Management Basel and Kaiseraugst 2004 Head of Corporate Services and Human Resources 2008 General Counsel

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