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Equities in 100 seconds: ING Groep NV | 8 August 2013

James Chappell, analyst at Berenberg, on ING Groep NV: "Separation catalyst fast approaching". Berenberg's team of 70 analysts covers nearly 500 European equities across all industry sectors: Consumer, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Materials, Energy, and Technology, media and telecoms. We continue to extend the breadth and depth of coverage to reflect changing business conditions throughout the region. Our research is based on a successful stockpicking approach. We select investment ideas using robust and rigorous analysis of financial information and management capabilities, which we combine with a thorough understanding of the issues that influence the behaviour of stock prices. Based on thorough analysis of the competitive environment our analysts identify well-managed companies with a market position that permits them to sustain and increase returns on capital at attractive levels.

ING Groep NV video

Equities in 100 seconds: ING Groep NV | 8 August 2013

ING Groep NV video

Capital One Merger On Track, Says ING Direct CEO

ING Groep NV video

The NYSE Hosts Inaugural ING CEO/CFO Dutch Equities Forum on June 21


Jan H.M. Hommen, CEO
Jan Hommen was appointed to the Supervisory Board of ING Group as of 1 June 2005 and became chairman of the Supervisory Board in January 2008. Until 1 May 2005, he was vice-chairman and CFO of Koninklijke Philips Electronics. From 1975 to 1997, he worked for Alcoa Inc. From 1978, he worked at Alcoa’s head office in the United States, becoming CFO in 1991.
On 26 January 2009, Jan Hommen was nominated for appointment to the Executive Board by the Supervisory Board. This nomination was adopted by the General Meeting of April 2009.
Jan Hommen is also chairman of the Management Boards Banking and Insurance.
Seven Group staff departments report directly to Mr. Hommen: Corporate Legal Department, Corporate Human Resources, Corporate Development, Corporate Communications & Affairs, Public & Government Affairs, Sustainability and Corporate Audit Services. Education
Jan Hommen graduated with a master’s degree in Business Economics from the Tilburg University (the Netherlands). Career 1970-1974 Controller Lips Aluminium, Drunen, the Netherlands 1974-1975 Financial Director Lips Aluminium 1975-1978 Vice-President Finance Alcoa Nederland 1978-1986 Assistant Treasurer Alcoa, Pittsburgh, USA 1986-1991 Vice-President and Treasurer Alcoa, Pittsburgh, USA 1991-1997 Executive Vice-President & CFO Alcoa, Pittsburgh, USA 1997-2002 Executive Vice-President & CFO Koninklijke Philips Electronics 2002-2005 Vice-chairman & CFO of the Board of Management of Koninklijke Philips Electronics 2005-2007 Member of the Supervisory Board ING Group 2007-2009 Chairman of the Supervisory Board ING Group
Patrick G. Flynn, CFO
Patrick Flynn was appointed a member of the Executive Board of ING Group on 27 April 2009. He is also chief financial officer. Education
Patrick Flynn is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ireland and a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (UK). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from Trinity College Dublin. Career 1984-1989 KPMG, Dublin, Ireland 1989-2002 HSBC Group 2002-2007 HSBC South America, Chief Financial Officer 2007-2009 HSBC Insurance Holdings Ltd., Chief Financial Officer Insurance
Wilfred F. Nagel, CRO
Wilfred Nagel was appointed a member of the Executive Board of ING Group on 14 May 2012. He is also chief risk officer. Education
Wilfred Nagel holds a master’s degree in Economics from Free University of Amsterdam. Career 1981-1991 Various positions at Amro Bank/ABN Amro Bank Last position Head of Aerospace and Structured Finance 1991-2002 Various positions at ING Bank in Singapore, Hong Kong and New York Last position Head of Corporate Banking & Structured Finance, Americas 2002-2005 ING Group, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Global Head Credit Risk Management 2005-2010 CEO, ING Wholesale Bank Asia 2010-2011 CEO, ING Bank Turkey 2011 Since 5 October 2011 member of the Management Board Banking and Management Board Insurance

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