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John Atkin, COO, talks about bee decline and the role of neonicotinoids in agriculture

Interview with Syngenta's John Atkin about the multiple causes of decline in honey bee health, and the critical role that neonicotinoids have to play in sustainable intensive agriculture.Visit for more information.

Syngenta AG video

John Atkin, COO, talks about bee decline and the role of neonicotinoids in agriculture

Syngenta AG video

Syngenta - Half Year Results 2012

Syngenta AG video

Syngenta - Full Year Results 2011


Michael Mack, CEO
Michael Mack was Chief Operating Officer of Seeds (2004–2007) and Head of Crop Protection, NAFTA Region (2002–2004) for Syngenta. Prior to this, he was President of the Global Paper Division of Imerys SA, a French mining and pigments concern, from the time of its merger in 1999 with English China Clays Ltd., where he was Executive Vice President, Americas and Pacific Region, in addition to being an Executive Director of the Board. From 1987 to 1996 he held various roles with Mead Corporation. Michael Mack is also Chairman of the Board of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce. Michael Mack has a degree in economics from Kalamazoo College in Michigan, studied at the University of Strasbourg, and has an MBA from Harvard University.
John Atkin, Chief Operating Officer
John Atkin was Chief Operating Officer Crop Protection for Syngenta since its foundation until February 2011. Prior to that, he was Chief Executive Officer (1999–2000), Chief Operating Officer (1999), Head of Product Portfolio Management (1998), and Head of Insecticides and Patron for Asia (1997–1998) of Novartis Crop Protection. Prior to 1998, he was General Manager of Sandoz Agro France (1995–1997) and Head of Sandoz Agro Northern Europe (1993–1995). In 2008 he was appointed Visiting Professor at the Institute for Research on Environment and Sustainability (IRES) at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is also Chairman of CropLife’s Crop Protection Strategy Council (global industry association). He was appointed as a non-executive Director of Driscoll’s in 2011. He graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a PhD and a BSc degree in agricultural zoology.
John Ramsay, Chief Financial Officer
John Ramsay was Group Financial Controller (2000–2007) for Syngenta. Prior to that, he was Zeneca Agrochemicals Finance Head Asia Pacific (1994–1999), Financial Controller ICI Malaysia (1990–1993), and ICI Plant Protection Regional Controller Latin America (1987–1990). Before joining ICI in 1984, he worked in Audit and Tax at KPMG. He is a Chartered Accountant and also holds an honors degree in finance and accounting.

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