Guinness Atkinson  Dividend Builder Fund

Guinness Atkinson Dividend Builder Fund

Sector: Management Investment Offices Open-end Region: CA, United States

: | Nasdaq: GAINX

About GAINX: The rapid pace of global change along with competition from emerging markets require successful companies to innovate and create to survive. That’s also true for investors, who may be facing low yields. Investors looking for income have to be concerned with potential rising inflation and rising yields.

Our Dividend Builder Fund (formerly, Inflation Managed Dividend Fund) uses an innovative 10 over 10 strategy in seeking a rate of dividend growth that exceeds the rate of inflation:

The Fund considers only dividend-paying companies that have provided an inflation-adjusted cash flow return on investment of at least 10% in each of the last 10 years. (That process reduces the potential field from 14,000 companies to about 400.)

Next we look for companies with at least a moderate dividend yield, a history of rising dividends, low levels of debt and a low payout ratio.

Each of the remaining candidates is thoroughly scrutinized using our fundamental individual security analysis, taking into account both macro and company business metrics.

The Fund invests in approximately 35 different dividend-paying companies from around the world.


Dr. Ian Mortimer, CFA, Fund Co-Manager
Massive, overwhelming quantities of data are a welcome sight to Dr. Ian Mortimer. With a background in physics and the skills he picked up while getting his doctorate—such as logical thinking, math, and data analysis—he is able to recognize patterns and meaning where others may see only chaos and noise. Ian uses these skills on a daily basis at Guinness Atkinson.

His passion for his investment areas (Energy, Innovation, Dividends) helps keep him in tune with what’s happening throughout the world in all areas impacting global progress. He pays strict attention to stock price fluctuations and their constant movement as he analyzes the market. Yet for as much as he looks at the numbers when researching a potential investment opportunity, he also relies on personal interactions, analyzing a company’s passion, commitment, and potential success through the attitudes and actions of their corporate management.

Trend not to be overlooked: Companies’ ability to consistently innovate, with technologies, distribution chains or process efficiencies.
Matthew Page, CFA, Fund Co-Manager
Matthew Page, CFA has found identifying quality companies at good market valuations to be critical elements in selecting the companies he invests in. Whether an investor is seeking growth or income, he aims to find companies that demonstrate potential for a bright future.

As Co-Manager of the Global Innovators Fund and Dividend Builder Fund, Matthew lives with one foot in the future. He is hyper-vigilant when it comes to identifying innovations that will potentially advance the human condition.

Matthew believes that new investment opportunities present themselves to the informed, diligent and observant researcher. He has always found that insight is a product of hard work.

Trend not to be overlooked: Global demographic shifts that are driving demand for income producing assets.

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