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Sector: Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas Region: DC, United States

Over the past 18 years, IPAA’s Oil and Gas Investment Symposia (OGIS) series in Florida, New York, Toronto, and San Francisco has become known as the “must attend” oil and gas event(s) that you will find on most energy industry and investment community calendars alike. There is a distinct advantage for investors participating in OGIS, as the unique energy-only focused setting and neutral investor audience allows for broader benefits that go beyond the basic company presentation that you receive at institutional investor hosted conferences. Because of OGIS’ neutral format, all interested and qualified investors are welcome to attend -- free of charge. Each OGIS provides serious investors with several opportunities to network with key industry leaders at arranged social functions, communicate one-on-one through arranged private meetings, and question executives during company breakout discussions.

For additional information about OGIS, please contact one of our conference staff members below: Sponsorship Opportunities - Tina Hamlin - Presenting Companies and One-on-One Meetings - Jennifer Bradley - Registration/General Information - Brittany Green -

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IPAA's Oil and Gas Investment Symposium

More than 100 CEOs from IPAA's member companies present their financial portfolios to thousands of investors, bankers, analysts and media. The OGIS series are held annually in Florida, New York, Toronto, and San Francisco.


IPAA's Oil and Gas Investment Symposium


Barry Russell, President
Barry Russell is President of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA). Russell, who joined IPAA in 1980, serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Association, and is responsible for its day-to-day operations. Prior to being elected President in March 2000, Russell served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. In this role he was the principal deputy to the President, focusing on legislative policy development as well as the legal and financial administration of the association. In the past, he has managed IPAA’s environmental issues as one of IPAA's registered lobbyists and served as a founding member of the Environmental Issues Council, an organization of trade associations based in Washington, D.C. In addition, he served on the committees that directed the association’s strategic planning in 1995 and 1989. He has been IPAA's chief legal and financial officer since 1988 and an officer of IPAA's educational foundation since its inception. Russell began his career in the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of General Counsel and Enforcement, where he represented EPA in civil and criminal actions against some of the nation's largest utilities and industrial concerns. Prior to joining IPAA, Russell worked for several management consulting firms including Booz, Allen and Hamilton. During this period, he specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate turnaround assignments, serving as the CEO of companies that were near bankruptcy. He was also active in international business, travelling to over 40 foreign countries during this period. He received his law degree with honors from George Washington University Law School, and he graduated with distinction and honors from Penn State University with a B.S. in psychology and a B.A. in economics. He has also completed courses in environmental mediation and negotiation at Harvard University and MIT.
Virginia B. Lazenby, Chairman & CEO, Bretagne, LLC
Virginia “Gigi” Lazenby is managing member, chief executive officer and 100 percent shareholder of Bretagne LLC, an oil and gas production company she founded in 1988. Previously, Mrs. Lazenby served as president of Transatlantic Exploration LTD. Bretagne’s properties are in the Big Sinking Field of Kentucky. The company’s operations include primary and enhanced recovery operations as well as development and field extension drilling. Mrs. Lazenby is the Vice Chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America where she previously served on the Board of Directors and chaired the Political Action Committee as well as serving on several other IPAA committees. Mrs. Lazenby previously served on the Board of Directors of the American Petroleum Institute and is a member of the National Petroleum Council, a post appointed by the Secretary of Energy. Mrs. Lazenby also previously served as the President of the National Stripper Well Association. She is also a member of the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association. Mrs. Lazenby has testified before Congress many times on behalf of the National Stripper Well Association and the Independent Petroleum Association of America and was awarded the IPAA Leadership Award in 2001. Mrs. Lazenby previously served as the President of the Owen Alumni Association at the Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University. She also previously served as Vice President of the Board of Directors of Belle Meade Plantation, an historic property in Nashville Tenn. representing a history of agricultural and Thoroughbred breeding encompassing a full century of Southern History. Mrs. Lazenby received a B. A. in history from Vanderbilt University and an MBA in finance from the Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University. Mrs. Lazenby is a life-long resident of Nashville, Tenn. She is the daughter of the late Paul Banks, Jr., who served as president of Spur Oil Company, now a division of Murphy Oil Company, and Southern States Asphalt, a division of Marathon Ashland Petroleum, P.L.C., now Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC.
Mrs. Lazenby is married to Fred W. Lazenby, a life insurance executive who served as the President of the National Life Insurance Company before forming his own life insurance company, Southlife Holding Company, which he merged into Capital Holding Corporation of Louisville in 1989. Mr. Lazenby is currently a private investor.
Michael D. Watford, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Watford was appointed Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Ultra Petroleum Corp. in 1999. In his thirteen year tenure with Ultra Petroleum, he has led a successful restructuring of the Company and has subsequently grown its proved reserve asset base from 0.5 Tcfe to approximately 5.0 Tcfe while the market value of the enterprise has increased from $50.0 million to $5.5 billion. Mr. Watford has enjoyed a full range of industry experiences while working over his 37 year career for a number of energy companies including Shell Oil, Superior Oil, Meridian Oil (Burlington Resources), Torch Energy, and Nuevo Energy. Prior to joining Ultra Petroleum, Mr. Watford was Chief Executive Officer of Nuevo Energy Company for three and one-half years where he led the company’s growth in market value from $200.0 million to over $1.0 billion. Mr. Watford attended the University of Florida where he earned his undergraduate degree in Finance in 1975. While working for Shell Oil, he attended night school at the University of New Orleans where he earned his MBA in 1978. Previously, Mr. Watford served as a Director on the Boards of Southern Minerals, Nuevo Energy, and Bellwether Exploration. He has exploration and production experience domestically and internationally and was briefly involved in coal-mining. He has worked in the downstream refinery and chemicals business and managed product marketing, processing, and pipeline businesses. Currently, he is Vice Chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America; on the Boards of Valerus and America’s Natural Gas Alliance; in addition, he is a member of the National Petroleum Council, an oil and natural gas advisory committee to the Secretary of Energy. He also serves as a voting member on the Board of Trustees for Northwest Assistance Ministries.

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