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Global Forestry Investments

Global Forestry Investments

Sector: Forest Nurseries And Gathering Of Forest Products Region: United Kingdom

Global Forestry Investments is an independent, timber investment promoter who is committed to delivering strong investment returns through sustainable teak forestry. GFI Consultants Ltd., trading as Global Forestry Investments is an investment company that combines profitable financial returns with sustainable development in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. We provide risk mitigated, sustainable investment in tropical hardwood. Our main product is the Belem Sky Plantation in which investors buy plots of teak trees in the northeastern state of Pará in Brazil, with the investment helping to preserve the livelihood of local people and valuable forestry lands.
Our services give current and potential investors the opportunity to bring together investment profits and environmental social responsibility. GFI offers investors involvement with one of the ‘greenest’, ethically responsible assets that has consistently proven to be one of the high performing commodities of the last 100 years.
There are now over 900 investors, and first phase investors’ first annual returns have been paid.
GFI was founded in 2007 by Andrew Skeene and Omari Bowers and has offices in Sao Paolo, Brazil, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Global Forestry Investments

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Global Forestry Investments


Andrew Skeene, Director
Before establishing GFI in 2007, Andrew Skeene put his strong commercial instincts and innovative mind to his first business venture in 1997.With an educational background comprising of business, economics and IT, Skeeneʼs eye for leadership ledhim to a directorʼs position at Positive Group, a property development company.Skeene started working with Omari Bowers in 2007, and together they set the strategic direction for GFI andthe development and implementation of investment plans.Skeene has a hand in every aspect of the running of the company, from supporting fund managers in avariety of investment activities, to performing financial analysis, modelling prospective investments and tracking valuation trends.After seeing first hand what sustainable forestry can do for local communities, Skeene and Bowers have been motivated to give back, which acts as one of the driving forces for developing Global Forestry Investments even further.
Omari Bowers, Co-Founder and Director
Omari Bowers held positions at JP Morgan and the Bank of New York before moving into the competitive real estate market. He also worked at OMBO Computing where he undertook an array of responsibilities,and his quick eye for opportunities developed furthermore during his time at Impetro Group Ltd where Bowers worked with a team of five staff surveying the financial sector.When the opportunity to team up with Andrew Skeene came about in 2008, Global Forestry Investmentsthrived under both their direction. Bowersʼs knack for implementing the direction of the firm and strategies as well as undertaking appropriate research has greatly benefitted the company.

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